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Contact Me

There are three ways to contact me. Please use the method best suited for your needs. Click on "Today's Lesson" to return to the Syllabus.

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The first and best option for contacting me is to use my voice mail:

(480) 731-8866, Box #13573

This is a box supplied by the District offices, so I don't have a beeper or any other means of knowing when there is a message in there for me. I usually call the box in the evening to check, so if you are leaving a number, please leave information about what times I could get you at that number if I don't get the message until the evening.


The second option to contacting me is through email at:

Please note that this address is through the school, and I will not be able to access the information until the next class period. If you need a more immediate response, please use the voice mail option.


The third option is to contact me through my mailslot at school. You may either call the office at

(623) 845-3625 and leave a message

Or you may bring a note by the office in the 05 building (where the book store is) and give it to the secretary. Please note that I will check this box about once a week (although often less than that), so if you need a more immediate response, please use the voice mail option instead.