ENG 071 Syllabus
Final exam topics
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Final exam topics
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Choose ONE of the following topics for your final exam. 
Remember the final is a multi-paragraph essay.
It needs to have an introduction, body and conclusion
with a clear thesis statement.

1.  Describe your best/worst day at work.

2.  Explain why the state should/should not ban

smoking in all public places.

3.  Explain what will happen if the state decides

to allow more Indian Gaming compacts.

4.  Tell the reader how to write an essay.

5.  Tell the reader what the differences are

between high school and college.

6.  Discuss the differences between two

towns you have lived in.

7.  Explain why we should/should not have to

pay a fee to park on campus.

8.  Describe your favorite place in the world

to go for a vacation.

9.  Explain what will happen if a student

does not complete his/her homework for a class.

10.  Tell the reader how to change a tire on a car.

This portion of the final exam is AN ESSAY.  Remember that you are not responding to the topic listed above--only use these topics as starters for getting your ideas flowing.  If you would like to write a draft and have me see it--that would be fine!