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There are three ways to contact me, listed below. Please be sure to pay attention to the method what would be the most effective for the type of information you need to give (or get) from me.


The first, and best, method for contacting me is to call my voice mail at:

(480) 731-8866, box # 13573

This is a box maintained by the District offices, and I do not have a beeper or any other notification about the status of a message there. If you need to have a call back from me, please leave the number where you will be for the rest of the day, or tell me the best times to call, so that if I don't check my messages until the end of the day, I will still be able to contact you.


The second choice for contacting me is to email me at:


Keep in mind this the address at school, and I will not get any messages left here until the next class day. If you need a more immediate response that this, please use the voice mail box.

The third method of contact is through the school office at: (623) 845-3625

where you may leave a message that will be placed in my mail slot. Keep in mind that this is through the campus, which means that I will not get the message at least until the next class period. Also, be advised that I usually only check that slot once per week, so if you need a more immediate response than this, please use the voice mail box.