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Following are examples of logical fallacies. Read them, and determine what type of logical fallacy each most strongly represents.

1. I fell down a flight of stairs. I knew that black cat crossing my path earlier in the morning would be trouble!
2. Yesterday, my neighbor's 16-year-old son zoomed out of the driveway in his new car and barely missed my daughter, who was riding her tricycle o the sidewalk. Last week, a 17-year-old hit the rear of my car when I had to stop suddenly for a traffic light. When are we going to come to our senses and raise the legal driving age to 21?
3. How can she be guilty of that crime? She has such a lovely family-they go to church regularly and are such friendly people.
4. Of course she's rich. Just look at that diamond ring she's wearing!
5. How can Senator O'Malley speak for labor? What does he know about the needs of the average worker? He was born rich.
6. I love visiting Wyoning because I really enjoy traveling out West.
7. This unfair method of selecting police cadets must be changed.
8. We should either pay our teachers better salaries or admit that we don't care about the quality of our chidren's education.
9. I don't understndin why Abraham Lincoln is considered a great president He ws a warmonger who, by governmnet problamation, took away the property of a large number of citizens.
10. How do you know that people are unable to communicate with the dead?

The descriptions and discussions about the different types of fallacies is on the ENG102 syllabus home page. If you need a review of these, please click on the picture below.