Library Exercise
This is the library exercise for ENG 101/102
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Complete this at the library where you will be working this semester.
This is just the bare information for this exercise. Only use this page if you have lost the handout I gave you in class.
............................Follow the instructions for each question.............................

1. Please locate and print the following articles. Fill in the missing information.

a. For what magazine was the article "Professor Shockley's Experiment" by Glayde Whitney written and when?

b. An article written by Paul Billings with Jonathan Beckwith titled "Born Gay" appeared in what magazine when?

c. What magazine published the article "It's Not 'All in the Genes'" by Robert Sapolsky? When?

2. Find the following books. Please complete the missing information.

a. The Nurture Assumption was written by whom? What is the call number? What colleges own a copy?

b. Meredith F. Small wrote a book titled Our Babies, Ourselves. What is the complete title? What is the call number? What colleges own a copy?

c. What book by Lucille Forer is about Birth Order? Where is it located? and what is the call number?

3. Please find and print the following articles. Answer the questions:

a. The article "The nature versus nurture problem: solved!" at is one of several articles by the creator of the page. What are some of the other issues he/she covers? What is the biggest concern you should have as an author about this article?

b. "The Nature/Nurture Controversy" at was written for what purpose? Who is the author? When was the article written? When was it last updated?

c. An article about development appears at Who is the author? What is the organization? What is the mission/purpose of the organization?

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