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Narrative essay

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The Narrative Essay is a place to let your imagination run a little free.
What you do with a narrative is tell a story.

The following pages have samples and help toward completing this essay. It is an in-class essay, which means that the best thing you can do for yourself is be prepared. The essay is graded on how well you develop a beginning, middle and ending for the story, that you have only one event that is discussed, that you have believable characters and action and that you have a strong theme for the story (the thesis or moral of the story).

Keep in mind these elements:

Character--they should be described enough to be believable, full characters; they don't have to be people--if your story is fiction, you could have an animal or inanimate object be a character just as easily.

Plot--the story needs to have a beginning, middle and end of ONE event. You should not discuss a whole relationship, for example, but if you wanted to describe the first time two people met...

Setting--again, it needs to be described well enough to be believable. Put your audience in the story be describing what the characters see, hear, touch, taste, many senses as possible!

Langauge--you want the tone of the story to be informal, friendly, story-telling mode. Use every day langauge, have the characters speak the way they really would (even to the point of using contractions and fricatives, if that is how the character can be developed. For example, use "ain't" or "could've" if that is what the person would have said.

The narrative is a very odd type of essay. It does not require a stated thesis sentence, as the other types of essays do, nor does it have an introduction, body and conclusion the way other essays do. It DOES require a strong theme. The theme may a stated thesis, it may be implied throughout the story, or it could be the moral to the story appearing at the end.

If you have any questions about the topic, development or audience for this essay, please see the Contact Me page to see how best to get your questions answered.