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Contact Me

There are three ways to contact me. Please feel free to do so if you have any problems or questions with this or any other aspect of the course. Click on "Today's Lesson" below to link back to the Syllabus.

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The best option is to call my voice mail:

(480) 731-8866, box # 13573

This is a box maintained by the district offices, so I don't have a beeper or any other means of knowing I have a message. Be sure to leave your name and number where you will be all day, in case I am unable to get back to you until the evening or the next day.

Donald is my mail carrier

The second best option is to email me at:

Keep in mind this is the address at school, so I will not get any message sent here until the next class period. If you need a response sooner than that, please call the voice mail instead.


The third option is to leave a message in my mail box at school. The phone number for the secretary is:

(623) 845-3625

Or you could take a message by the 05 building on campus (the same building as the bookstore) for the secretary to put in my box. Again, this is on campus, so I won't get the message until the next class period AT THE EARLIEST.