Argue Essay
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This site is about the Argumentative Essay. The following pages include information about writing the essay, using sources, sample essays and exercises designed to help you develop a strong argument.

There are five elements of a good argument:

1. A strong, significant and compelling position.

2. All points of the argument relate to the thesis.

3. Objections to the points are raised and answered.

4. Resources are used and integrated into the text.

5. The conclusion contains a call to action or makes a prediction.

Creating a strong argumentative essay, keep three parts in mind:

Your "side."

Your opponent's "side."

The Refutation

The word "side" simply refers to the position that you hold about a topic. It needs to be a position that has someone who would take the opposite veiw of your (your opponent), and you need to be knowledgeable enough about the topic to write about why you hold the belief you do about the issue.

For help with organizing the "sides" or parts of your argument, see the Organization page here. Also, start to look at writing that is supposed to be argumentative--editorials in papers are a good place to look.