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Compare or Contrast Essay
Critique of Comparison essay

The purpose for peer review of an essay is to help the author write a better essay. Remember to be very specific in your comments, and look for the positive as well as the negative. Also, remember that saying "yes," "no," or "yeah, it's ok" don't help the author.

always in writing!

1. Read the first paragraph. Stop reading and write what you EXPECT will be the topic and purpose of the essay-is it compare or contrast? Write your response after first paragraph.

2. Now, finish reading to the paper. Were your expectations met? If not, what do you now think the topic, purpose and audience are?

3. What do you think is the thesis of the essay? Underline what you believe is the thesis sentence. Is that sentence supported in the essay by example? Is the sentence itself a strong statement (not a quote from someone else, not a question, etc)?

4. Mark the supporting points you find (could be whole paragraphs or just single sentences). At the end of each, evaluate its usefulness or strength in supporting the essay by adding a comment.

5. What did you like best about the essay? Star (***) the part and add a comment about what you liked about it

6. What did you like the least about the essay? Star (***) the part and add a comment about what could be improved about it.

7. Did anything in the essay surprise you? Be specific!

8. What TWO features of the essay most need improvement? Mark them and add a comment/suggestion about what/how they could be improved. Remember that just marking a problem area without explanation won't help the author fix the problem.

If you have problems with the topic or developing the "sides" be sure to contact me with your questions!