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Compare or Contrast Essay
Contact Me

There are three ways to contact me with any questions or problems you may have. Click on "Today's Lesson" to go back to the syllabus.



The best way to get a timely response from me is to use my voice mail at (480) 731-8866, box # 13573. This is a service provided by the district, so there is no pager or beeper to tell me there is a message. When you leave one, be sure to leave your name and a number where you will be for the whole day in case I am unable to contact you before the evening.


A second way to contact me in through email--my address is kshehi@student.gc.maricopa.edu Keep in mind this is the school address, and I will not get any messages you send here until the next class period. If you need a more immediate response, please use the voice mail.


The third option is to call the school at (623) 845-3625. Any message left here will be put into my mail box. I check the box once a week or less, so if you need a more immediate response, please be sure to use the voice mail.