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3-ring binder/Research journal

 Please purchase (find, borrow, etc. J) 3-ring binder at least 1 1/2 inches wide.  It needs three sections as follows:
       Section 1:  Homework assignments. These are the assignments I give during class that you complete on your own time outside of class.  I will collect them on the date they are due.  When they are returned to you, place them in this section in the order they were assigned.  If you are missing any of the assignments, you may make them up later for reduced credit by completing them and placing them in this section before I collect the binder.

        Section 2:  Class work.  During the session,  you will be working with other students in class on exercises from the textbook, from handouts and from me.  As you complete these exercises, unless I ask for them to be turned in during the class period, keep them in this section for me to see when I collect the binder.

        Section 3:  Research.  During the session you will be researching language and various aspects of language study.  This section of the binder is for your research and notes.  Use this section for the information about your sources, for notes about the articles that you will use to complete the ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY, and for rough drafts or notes you will use to complete the REVIEWS and RESEARCH PAPER.

The binder is really just a place for you and I to see what work is getting done this session.

See the schedule for the due dates for the writings, bibliography, etc.

The collection deadlines will be announced the week before the due date.


If you have any questions, please contact me.  Below is a link to the Contact me page and a link back to the ENG 213 homepage.

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