ENG 213
Writing Assignments


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The following are the writing assignments that need to be completed this session. 
I have included the District competencies (what the district expects students to complete) for you to see what my expectation are and where they come from.


The District competency:  Students will "write three reviews of magazine/newspaper articles relevant to the study of language."
The reviews need to accomplish three things:
1.  Summarize the article.  Give the important information about the topic and explain the author's position on the topic.
2.  Review the article.  Respond to the information from your experience, other research and other writings you have read this session.
3.  Discuss the relevance of the author's findings or message in relation to the study of language, the linguistic field or your research topic.

Annotated Bibliography

District competency:  Students will "read a minimum of five professional sources on a linguistic topic and write an annotated bibliography critically analyzing the theoretical basis, nature of evidence, and credibility of the findings of each article."
The annotated bibliography could begin with the three articles from the reviews.  You will need at least another two (more are suggested but not required) for the bibliography that are thoroughly explored and related to the other readings/research you have completed this session.

Research paper/oral presentation

District competency:  Students will "write a formal research report of at least 1000 words analyzing and interpreting data from primary and/or secondary sources."
The research paper/oral presentation is the real interesting part of the session.  This is where you get the chance to REALLY study langauge.  There is a list of possible topics on another link from this page that you may choose from, and there is another link for information about the oral presentation.
The research paper should be:
1.  typed/word processed, error-free
2.  at last 1000 words
3.  include at least four sources (the same as the bibliography and reviews or not)
4.  include a work cited page in proper MLA format.

Any time you need help or an assignment explained, please ask!  Also, there are Tips and Hints on this site which could help with completing some of the assignments.  Feel free to check those out--print them if you would like (I would suggest downloading them to Word first).