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There are three ways to contact me with your questions:


The first best option for contacting me is through my voice mail box.  This number is provided by the Maricopa District. 
I check this mail usually once a day, so please leave a number where you will be all day in case I don't get your message until the evening. 
The number is (480) 731-8866 box number 13573.


The second option for contacting me is through my email.  The addy below is through the school--I will not any message sent there until the following school day.  If you need a call back from me, please use the voice mail box instead.


There is a third option for contacting me--through the English offices.  The office is in the 05 building (the same building as the bookstore), and there is a mail box there where you may leave messages, papers, etc.  Be aware, however, I only check my mail about every other day, so if you need a call back from me, or if you need to let me know you have left a paper in there for me, please call the voice mail.