ENG 213
Oral presentation


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This presentation is essentially your research paper. 
You will need to explain, defend and explore your topic for the audience.

The presentation, while worth 100 points, is not supposed to be a "huge deal."   I consider it a "mid-formal" assignment.  That is, you will need to do more than just stand and tell the audience what your topic is, but you will not have to have a 20 minute speech about all of the research will overheads, handouts, multimedia shows or guest speakers.  Somewhere between a one sentence summary and a Master's Thesis defense.
In about 10 to 15 minutes:
1.  Give your thesis.
2.  Explain the topic
3.  Offer research to prove your thesis
4.  Show an understanding of the implications of your research
5.  Be prepared to answer any questions about the issue.

Here is a list of the aspects of your presentation

that will be graded:

Opens topic

Defines vocabulary

Follows a Logical order

Clearly explaines the thesis/topic      

Pays Attention to audience=s needs 

Offers a Reason to learn process/topic

Wraps up topic

If you have any concerns about the presentation or the research paper, please ask!  See the "Contact me" page for more information.  Remember--I don't know you have questions unless you ask them!