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Contact Me

There are three ways to contact me with questions, concerns or to report an absence. Please use the method that best suits your needs.


The first and best way to contact me is through my voice mail at:

(480) 731-8866, box # 13573

This is a box provided by the District offices so I do not have a beeper or any other means of being notified that I have a message waiting for me. If you choose to leave a number for me to return your call, please leave information about when the best time to catch you is in case I do not get the message until the evening.


The second best option for contacting me is through my email at:


Keep in mind this is through the school, so any message that you send I will not be able to pick up until the next class period. If you need a more immediate response, please use the voice mail.


The third option is to leave a message at the school for me. You may either call the office at:

(623) 845-3625, and leave a message with the secretary

or you may bring a message to the office for the secretary to put in my mail box.

Keep in mind that I only pick up my mail once a week, and often even less, so if you need a more immediate response, please use the voice mail option.