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Syllabus, ENG 101


Syllabus, Fall 2006

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Standard English Writing skills. There is an emphasis on expository and analytical writing. Students will develop skills in textual analysis and written expression. Prerequisite: Appropriate Asset Test score or completion of English 071 with a minimum grade of "C."

GRADES: You will be evaluated on the following:

***NOTE*** All writings are due on a deadline. The beginning of class the date listed on the schedule is the deadline. If the essay is not on my desk when class begins, it is late--this means not even 5 minutes late-- and will be docked 25%. Exceptions allowed at the instructor's discretion.

ATTENDANCE: You are expected to be in class every meeting. You will not be allowed to make up any work unless you have an "excused" absence (see Student Handbook).  Other absences must be discussed with me BEFORE the class (or the portion of the class) you will miss, if possible, and the absence will be allowed at the discretion of the instructor. Tardiness is rude; however, it is better to come in late than to not come at all. After one "unexcused" absences, you will be dropped.

WRITINGS: The Maricopa College District requires ENG 101 students to write a minimum of 4 essays. The final copy will need to be typed/word processed. The drafts will be written on a deadline and peer edited in class by other students. There will also be in-class writings. The writings will be collected into a portfolio in which you will place the essays you choose to have graded (see the link for portfolio information).

READING JOURNAL:  This is a collection of your responses to something you have read.  These are graded on content only--not for the grammar "stuff."  You will write 15 by the end of the semester in the spiral notebook (look for a link for more information about this assignment).

OTHER: Other in- and out-of-class homework assignments, quizzes and writings will compose the remainder of the grade for the semester.

required books and materials

Click on this picture to link to the GCC Bookstore where you may check on the required text of any class and pre-order the text.

REQUIRED TEXT: Steps to Writing Well with Additional Readings, by Jean Wyrick

REQUIRED MATERIALS: spiral notebook; pen; 3-ring binder

Remember that NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED unless you have made arrangements with me.


All late work will be docked 25%. Deadlines are the beginning of the class on the date on the schedule you were given the first day of class. "Late" constitutes anything not on my desk WHEN CLASS BEGINS.

If you need any clarification of anything here, or if you ever have any questions, please use my voice mail or email to leave a message, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. (See the "Contact me" page for information about how best to do that.)