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Syllabus, ENG 101

The portfolio is turned in at the end of the semester in a three-ring binder. It is what your grade for the semester is based on.

The portfolio will contain all of the essays written (you need to write all four, even if you will not be "graded" on all of them). The grade for the portfolio will be based on the following:

1-3. Three essays you have written, revised and polished for inclusion in the portfolio--including all rough drafts, audience paragraph and original, marked copy.
4.  The other essay--in the plastic cover sheet with the pink form on top.

The system will work this way: each essay you turn in to me will be read and evaluated according to the handout/form, then it will be returned to you for optional revision. We can have a meeting about my comments and suggestions ANY time.
During the last week of the semester, we will meet in formal conferences to discuss any changes you need to make or have made before turning in the portfolio.

At the time of the final exam, you will be given a grade for the portfolio. The portfolio is the determining factor in your grade for this class. However, there are other points available (10 per essay for the audience paragraph; 10 per essay for the draft work; quizzes, homework, etc.) of which you should not lose track as they may make the difference between letter grades.

The portfolio system has a number of benefits for you as an author. The most important benefit is the chance to learn from your choices and begin to evaluate your own writing in a fashion that will allow you to write better and better. The most important benefit for you as a student is that you will have the opportunity to only get "graded" on what you judge to be your best work of the semester.