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Syllabus, ENG 101
Group Project

Groups will present a Process (How to) project to the class.

This essay/project is a group project. You will have a presentation to participate in as well as a paper to write. This is in addition to the individual process essay you need to complete.

Topic selection

1. Recipes are fine for a topic under the following conditions:

a. It is a dish you can prepare in class in the time allotted (baking outside of class and bringing in the finished product is fine).
b. There is no alcohol in the recipe. (State law prohibits alcoholic beverages on college campuses)
c. You can set-up, prepare and CLEAN UP your recipe ingredients in the time allotted without loss in content/instruction.

2. There should be minimal expense incurred by members of the group--and expenses should be shared equally, including purchasing food products, getting copies, etc.

3. Topic should not involve any dangerous tools (for example, do not explain how to load a gun).

4. Topic needs to be inclusive of all members--in other words, the topic needs to be BIG enough for each member to participate with at least two major steps, yet NARROW enough to be presented in the time allotted for your presentation.

Here is a POSSIBLE break down of how your group duties could be allocated (of course this will depend on your topic):
a. Person A is responsible for the introduction, transitions and conclusion of the presentation.
b. Person B is responsible for the first 2-4 steps of the process.
c. Person C is responsible for the second 2-4 steps of the process.
d. Person D is the "Purpose" person or "color commentator." He/she
is responsible for the information the audience needs to keep in mind about
the steps of the process, or for the information about the purpose of the
finished product. For example, giving a safety tip about the proper way to
use a table saw, or the best way to find the center of the fabric would be
part of this person's job.
e. If you have five people in your group, you will need to either expand your process or develop enough of an introduction/conclusion for two people to

Requirements for presentation

1. Your presentation should take 20 minutes (more and you will be cut off, less and you will be penalized).

2. You must use visual aids (ranging from posters to tools to the food for a recipe).

3. You must have a hand out with the steps of the process clearly listed/defined for the audience (which is this class only).

4. EACH member of the group MUST speak--either reading a portion of the process, or explaining/demonstrating a step.

C. Written requirements
1. EACH member of the group will write a portion of the presentation.
2. The written portion is AN ESSAY--and should be written as one. Each should have a brief introduction which ties into the previous
group member's portion (following the order of your presentation). It also
requires a conclusion which will prompt the next portion. You should have one rough draft and a final draft to turn in for the Group essay.