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Contact Me
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There are three ways to contact me with problems or questions:


The best way to contact me is through my voice mail box. The number is:

480-731-8866 box number 13573

I check this box about once a day during the week. Please be sure to leave the number where you will be all day in case I don't get your message until the end of the day.


The second best option to contact me is through my email box:


This is my school address, so remember that if you send a message I won't get it until the next day I am at school. If you need more immediate responses, please contact me through the voice mail.


The third option for contacting me is through the school. You may either call the office:


or you may come by the office in the 05 building (where the bookstore is) and leave a message in my folder. I usually check my mail once or twice a week, so if you need more immediate help, please use my voice mail.