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Works Cited
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The following samples follow MLA format for electronic sources (sources found with the help of the computer). If you need more information about how to cite other types of sources, please see your textbook Chapter 8, or the MLA link below.

There are different types of sources to be found on the computer. Please be sure you know which type of source you are dealing with before trying to figure out how to cite it.

NOTE: This system does not offer format style changes--underlining or indents. So words that should be underlined have a _before and another after_ the terms that should appear in underline, and remember that there should be a hanging indent at the beginning of the second and subsequent lines of each source.


Anderson, Kent and Jerold F. Lucey. "Pediatrics Electronic Pages: Looking Back and Looking Ahead." _Pediatrics_ July 1998. _MasterFILE Premier_. EBSCOHost. 24 July 2000.

Verma, Anil. "Day-O: A Jamaican Journey." _India Currents_ 30 Nov. 1997: 48+. _Ethnic NewsWatch_. CD-ROM. Feb 1998.


1. For traditional text that is reproduced online, use the standard MLA form for the article, followed by the date it was accessed and then the address.
For an online newspaper article:

Specter, Michael. "Control of Grozny Eludes Russian Troops." _New York Times_ 12 Aug. 1996. 13 May 1998 http://www.nytimes.com/yr/mo/day/front/russia=chechnya.html

For an online book:
Keats, John. _Poetical Works_. 1884. _Project Bartleby_. Ed. Steven vanLeeuwen. May 1998. Columbia U. 5 May 1998 http://www.columbia.edu/acis/bartleby/keats/

2. Sources that originate online should include these basics when possible: author, subject/title, publication name, year/month/day of publication, the date of access, and the online address.

Hartman, Brian. "Buchanan Supporters: Say it Ain't So, Pat." _PoliticsNow_ 12 Aug. 1996. 18 Jan. 1997 http://www.politicsnow.com/news/Aug96/12/pn0812buch/

Shaumann, Thomas Michael. "Re: Technical German." Online posting. 5 Aug 1994. 7 Sept. 1994 <news:com.edu.languages.natural>

When in doubt about what type of source you have or how to cite it--ask!

Link to MLA

Here is the link to the MLA web site.

Again, remember that MLA is nothing if not picky! The information you have about the source just needs to be plugged in to the template. As you find sources, just look up what to do with that type of source and plug in the information.