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Essay Topics for People and Husband
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Essay Topics for People and Husband


Please read the questions below carefully and choose ONE to respond to in an essay.
Be sure you are clear about what the question is asking of you as a critic and author.

Remember to include a great deal of information straight from the text (LOTS of quotes!).

1. Using one or both of the stories, write an essay on the differences between idealized romantic love and the qualities of realistic marriage and family relationships. (**Note, this could show the differences WITHIN a story or BETWEEN the two stories.)

2. Consider the narrative voice of each story. How does the tone of the narrative (the choice of how the story is told) affect the story? Explain; give examples.

3. Consider the narrative voice of one of the stories. How would the story be different with a different voice? (Choose one of the options below for a focus.)

a. For example, what if "Husband" were told by one of the other characters in the story? Or if it were written in the omniscient voice instead of first person? Or what if it were told in the present tense (as the story was happening) instead of in a reminiscence? (**You may choose just one of these questions to focus on)

b. Or what if "Country People" were written in the first person voice of Hulga/Joy? Or Mrs. Freeman? Or what if the story were told by Hulga/Joy in the reminiscent voice? (**You may focus on just one of these questions to focus on)

Remember three things: First, you are writing an essay (which means an introduction, body and conclusion, focused around a single thesis statement); second, you are showing knowledge of the story through thoughtful responses to a specific question; and third, you need to show ability to use the source for support and example (with all the in-text citations and works cited page in the proper format).

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