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This reading journal is written in a spiral bound, 70-100 page notebook. The journal is essential a log of the reading that you do this semester--ANY reading.

The Journal's purpose is to
1) get you to read;
2) learn how to summarize and/or paraphrase (critical skills for ENG 102/Research);
3) get you writing (and therefore thinking) about what you read.

1. Each entry should be about a page and a half, minimum.
2. Include all bibliographic information about the source--titles, authors, dates, etc.
3. Must make direct reference to material in source, but journal is not just a retelling of article. The journal needs to include your insight, your reactions, etc. Nothing earth-shattering, perhaps, but it must be there.
5. 15 total journal entries for the semester.

The readings should be selected from the Retellings textbook. 

Anything except the dramas are available for you to choose--poems, short stories, essays...anything that strikes your fancy!

FOR THE FALL SEMESTER:  A note about Internet, on-line or other electronic readings. Any and all are fine, provided that
1) you have more than JUST Internet sources;
2) the readings are ARTICLES to read, not just a company's or newspaper's homepage with general information;
3) you include ALL of the bib info, including addresses and dates.