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Below are the particulars about how the paper
should appear--typing rules, yeah!

1.  Always double space your paper--from the first words to the last source.
2.  Margins are stanardized in most word processors--if you have to set them, they should be 1 1/4 inch on all sides (including bottom).  Also, the tabs should be set at 1 inch.
3.  Use this heading, on the left margin, double spaced
     Your name
      Class name
     My name
     Date you are turning the paper
4.  One double space down from the date, center a title.  The title is NOT bold, NOT underlined, NOT in ALL CAPS and NOT in a fancy script.  Use plain text.
5.  Use a header.  Above the top margin, flush to the right write your last name and the page number, beginning on the first page and continuing through to the works cited pages.
6.  Use Widow/Orphan protection.  The rule is "at last two lines of type at the top and bottom of every page."  That is not two sentences--two lines of type.  If necessary, start a new page a little sooner to avoid left over lines at the bottom or top of a page.
7.  Begin each new paragrah with one tab in from the left margin.  The tab should be set if you are using a relatively current word processor.  If you have to set the tabs yourself, you should indent each paragraph one inch.
Click the picture below to see a basic model of what your paper should look like.  Remember to use the widow/orphan protection, and the header.

Model MLA format

  • Do not use a title page.
  • Always double space.
  • Do not use extra lines between paragraphs.
  • Proofread carefully when you finish typing!