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Modern Language Association (MLA) is the format for all documentation for ENG 102. Below is information about electronic source citation.

The type of source that seems to give students the most trouble is the electronic source. There are several types--always be sure you know what TYPE of source you are using before trying to decide how to cite it.

For the FullText databases (such as EBSCOHost), follow the standard MLA format for that type of source, then add the information about where you found the article to the end of the citation.

For Online sources(web or internet addresses), you will need to indicate whether the source ORIGINATED in a traditional text that was reproduced online (for example, from the _Time Magazine_ web page), or whether it ORIGINATED online.

There are samples of works cited at the link below, or see your textbook.

check your text

Some of the information here about electronic sources was compiled with the help of Pat Hofer, English department, June 1999.

If you would like a more complete listing for electronic sources, click on the link below.


If you would like more information about all types of citation, your textbook, is a source. Or please visit the MLA website linked below for the latest word from MLA.


There are many types of sources--and there are ways to cite them all.
If you are unsure or unable to figure out how to cite your source, please be sure to ask!