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The "Big One" Essay

How or Why are changes/advances in my affecting me (my chosen career)?

This essay is 10-12 pages long, will include at least 10-12 citations, a work cited page and appropriate documentation. It will be more than just a list of the changes and should develop your opinion about these "advances." Your opinion will develop through the semester as you research the topic, and it is not restricted to any aspect of technology or type of "advance" (in other words this is not just computers).

Explore the advances--are they moving too rapidly, too slowly, in the wrong direction--are the people in the field ignoring something important? Have they discovered something significant? Your opinion is your THESIS for the essay.

This is an exploration of how modern advances will or are currently affecting your field of study. How has this area changed in the last decade? Last five years? Last several months? What do you see happening in the near future? What about the changes that will be in place by the time you are working in this field?

There are two types of approaches to the research paper you could take.  There is what is called an "I-Search" paper, or the standard "Research" paper.  Click below to see a handout about the two forms and for guidance about choosing one or the other.


Couple of notes-
"Advances" includes everything from new computer programs, new equipment, new technology, etc. to shifts in policy, changes in attitude or philosophy, practice, etc. Your focus is NOT history--it is the present and more especially the future.

"Field of study" basically refers to your major; however, if you would like to study one aspect of the whole field, one job or type of position you could hold, one company you would work for, etc. that would be fine.

"Length"--I don't count pages or words; however, the length suggested is 1) the requirement of the district, and 2) the amount of space a paper of this scope and depth should take to develop logically and fully. If you do less, and you do it well, fine. If you do it in more, and you don't have more than one topic, fine. (With the note that if you only have 6 pages, or if you go over 15, you have not properly worked with your topic or the research.) Use your judgement. At any rate, you WILL need to narrow the topic in several avenues before you will be able to write about it in only 10-12 pages.

Sample Essay on Fire Fighting

Smile--it gets better!

Mark Twain (1835-1910):
"Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please."

Hehehe, just kidding! The research you do for this essay should be in-depth and should educate you as much as you will be educating others with the finished product.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please email or voice mail me.