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"Copying extensively from one source is plagiarism;
copying extensively from several is research."
 --author unknown

Of course, you want research and not plagiarism.
The real way to avoid it is to cite the source.

Everytime you use information from a source,
whether you quote, paraphrase or summarize,
you need to cite the source.

Below is a link to a handout that may be helpful with
intext citation, or please see your textbook,
Apendix A, for more complete instructions.

Link to MLA cite

In English, Humanities and Language Arts writings,
the governing body that determines how papers will be written,
how sources will be cited and what format typists will use
is the Modern Language Association (MLA).

MLA is nothing if not picky--there are rules
for where you put every comma,
every parenthesis and every note.

If you need more help will MLA,
there is an MLA link on this site,
or the link below will take you to the MLA web site
if you have any more questions
about how to use intext citation.

mla site

The most basic rule for in-text citation is that the word(s) you use to mark the information from the source needs to be the same word(s) you alphabetize under on the Works Cited page. It should appear EXACTLY the same way.

Check out the link below (click the picture) for an exercise with in-text citation.