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ENG 102 Syllabus, Fall 2006

Today's lesson

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Standard English Writing skills. Emphasis will be placed on information access and library research strategies. Students will develop skills in textual analysis, written expression and documentation format. Prerequisite: Completion of English 101 with a minimum grade of "C."

REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS: Writing Research Papers Across the Curriculum by Hubbach and Retellngs by Clarke

REQUIRED MATERIALS: legal pad, small spiral notebook, and pen

ATTENDANCE: You are required to attend class every day. Each class session will cover a great deal of material, and you can not make up work unless you have an excused absence or have made arrangements with me. You are allowed one excused absence (see Student Handbook) and no unexcused absences before you are dropped. Absences will be allowed at my discretion.

GRADES: Along with attendance, you will be evaluated on the following:

***NOTE*** All writings are due on a deadline. The beginning of class the date listed on the schedule is the deadline. If the essay is not on my desk when class begins, it is late and will be docked 25%--this means even 5 minutes late. Exceptions will be evaluated/allowed at the instructor's discretion.

WRITINGS: All finished writings will be word processed.

A. 2 Prospectuses (one for 25 points, second for 50 points)

B. Working Bibliography--including a minimum of 15sources (200 points) 

C. Research Journal: a collection of responses to your readings and your developing research analysis. (50 points)

D. Research Essay: Exploring your field--specific changes in your career because of "advances" in your field (400 points)

E. One, short, in-class essay and test in response to literature--prompted and developed through the Discussion Groups (100 points essay)

F. Two short, cited essays--Description of your field and a comparison between two companies you could work for. (100 points each essay)

OTHER: Other in- and out- of class assignments, quizzes and writings will compose the remainder of the grade for the session.


Click on the picture below to link to the GCC Bookstore for information about the required textbook (for ANY GCC class), or to pre-order the text.


"Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing. "
- Wernher Von Braun (1912-1977)

You may print any of these pages for reference. If you reproduce any of the information, you will need to reference this page and give credit to the author.