Comma review
Library Searches
If Not Higher
Checksheet for Research
Avoiding Plagiarism
Works Cited
Intext Citation
Thesis Statements
Dos and Don'ts
Logical Fallacies
Said Article exercise
Review Questions for Country People and Husband
A Doll's House Review
Re-Write it Right
Unclear Sentences
Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise?
Spell Checker Poem
Contact Me
Organizing in Time Order
Organizing in Emphatic Order
Organizing in Time and Emphatic order

The following pages contain exercises for both ENG 101 and ENG 102 classes. Feel free to copy any of these exercises and paste them into a word file.

Click on one of the pictures below to link back to your Syllabus page. "Home" for ENG 101 and "Links" for ENG 102.

ENG 101 Syllabus

ENG 102 Syllabus

Unless mentioned during class, the exercises here are for practice and exploration purposes only. Little if any credit is available by completing any one of these unless otherwise noted.

If you have any questions about the information presented on any of these handouts, or if you have any other questions or concerns about the course, please see the Contact Me page.