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Anytime you use information from a source, whether you quote, paraphrase or summarize, you need to tell the reader where the information came from.

Given the Works Cited entries below as the general source listing for a research paper (remember the web site will not underline or indent properly), write parenthetical citations for the numbered questions below.

Carter, Sheila F. _Case Studies of Drugs and Business._ 2 vols. Arlington: Burning Tree. 1986.

Jackson, Greg, and Rachel Brooks. _Drugs in the Workplace._ New York: Shirlington, 1987.

Kendall, Oliver. ed. _Studies in Office Management._ Ann Arbor: U of Michigan P. 1987.

Llosa, Julio. "Employees Object to Testing." _Productivity Issues._ Dec. 1986: 105-12.

VanBeck, Theresa. "Mandatory Drug Testing and the Courts." _Journal of Business Management_ 12 (1986): 453-74.

1. Page 217 of Drugs in the Workplace.

2. Page 455 of "Mandatory Drug Testing and the Courts."

3. Pages 115 through 117 of _Studies in Office Management._

4. Page 105 of "Employees Object to Testing."

5. Pages 34 through 35 of volume 1 of _Case Studies of Drugs and Business._

6. Page 107 of "Employees Object to Test" if another source by Julio Llosa appeared in the same Works Cited listing.

7. A quotation from Gayle Stein's _Drug Testing and Rehabilitation Programs_ that is quoted on page 471 of Theresa VanBeck's "Mandatory Drug Testing and the Courts."

Remember the format for in text citations is to have the author's name (or the word you have alphabetized under on the work cited page) and the page number where the information came from.

The citation is usually the end of the sentence so appears with the period outside the parenthesis.

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