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Imagine that (in a temporary lapse from sanity) you have written a paper called "The Shoelace in History," and you have made use of the following sources.
Compile your list of works cited, and, paying close attention to proper MLA format, copy this exercise into Word and prepare a Works Cited page. (Warning: Some listings contain irrelevant information that you will not use in your works-cited list.)
Remember, this system does not allow for underlining--so watch for the _underline mark_ to indicate information that should appear underlined.

Link to MLA site

1. The book _Sandals in Greece and Rome_ was written by Sally Parish and published in 1987 by Wapiti Press in Omaha.

2. You found Walter Kelly's article "Shoelaces" on page 36 of volume 12 of the 1984 edition of _Encyclopedia of Haberdashery_, published in New York by the Buster Green Company.

3. During World War II, Fiona Quinn wrote _Knit Your Own Shoelaces_ as part of the Self-Reliance Series printed in Modesto, California, in 1942 by Victory Press.

4. On page 36 of its July 23, 1977 edition, _Time_ magazine published "Earth Shoes Unearthed in Inca Ruins." No author is given.

5. Two days ago, using the Internet, you downloaded a book by lmelda Markoz, _Never Too Many Shoes_, from the University of Manila library. Two years ago, it had appeared in print, published by Converse Press in Wichita. You downloaded the book by a process called FTP at the address "shoebooks.uT#nilaedu"

6. Constance Jowett translated a book by Max Philador and Elisaveta Krutsch, _Shoelaces in Africa and the Far East 1800-1914_. It was published in 1994 by Vanitas Publishers, Inc. Cities listed on the title page for Vanitas are Fort Worth, Texas; Chicago; Amsterdam; and Sydney, Australia.

7. On January 5 of this year Louise K. Frobisher wrote you a letter about her father's shoelace research.

8. You found volume 3 of Fiona Quinn's six-volume work of 1950: _The Shoe in the English-Speaking World_, published by S. T. Bruin & Sons of Boston.

9. On pages 711 and 712 of volume 17 of the _Indiana Journal of Podiatry_ (November 1974) appears an essay, "Solving the Loose Shoe Problem" by Earl Q. Butz.

10. Leon Frobisher, Werner Festschrift, Ella Fitsky, and Ian McCrimmer published the twelfth edition of _Shoemaking with a Purpose_ in 1996. The publisher, Hooton-Muffin of Boston, has published editions of the book since 1939.

11. The Society of Legwear Manufacturers wrote a book, _Laces, Gaiters, and Spats_, in 1901. Provolone-Liederkranz Publishers, Ltd. of Toronto reprinted it in 1955.

12. Mr. 0. Fecteau and Ms. Mary Facenda edited a 1993 anthology, _An Ethnography of Footwear_, published in New Orleans by Big Muddy Publications. You found an article on pages 70-81, "Footloose and Sandal-Free," by J. R. R. Frodobaggins.

13. Norman Zimmer thoroughly explores "The Shoelace Motif in Finno-Latvian Sonnet Sequences" in the Fall 1993 edition (volume 43), pages 202 through 295, of a scholarly journal called _PMLA_.

14. Theodore and Louisa Mae Quinn edited a book written by their mother, Fiona Quinn, shortly before her death. The book, _Old Laces and Arsenic_, is published by Capra Press of Los Angeles. Copyright dates given are 1947, 1952, and 1953.

15. In the February 4,1968 _Hibbing Herald_ newspaper an article, "Lace, Lady, Lace," appears under Robert Dylan's byline. You found the article through a NewsBank index listing: "Minnesota: Hibbing--1968, SOC 54:Gl3-15." SOC stands for the Social Relations category.

16. You draw on information from a television expose, "The Shoelace Coverup," which appeared last Sunday on the CBS show _60 Minutes_. Leslie Stahl is the narrator.

17. _Dog's Life_ is a monthly magazine published in Atlanta. In volume 16, number 3, of that publication (whose date is August 1996), Walter Kelly's article "Little Laces for Little People" appeared. It began on pages 32 to 37 and continued on pages 188 and 189. You found it using the lnfoTrac General Periodical ASAP database on CD-ROM , and you downloaded the full text of the article onto a floppy disk to read later on your home computer. The Information Access Company, which distributes the database, updated it last month.

18. You used the World Wide Web to read an article, "Tasteless Laces," by M. R. Blackwell. It appeared this year in the January issue of _Cyberlace_, which calls itself "the e-zine for the well shod." Its address is http://www.knotco.edu/cyberlace/home.html

Congratulations. Having completed this exercise, you are now prepared for almost any situation that may face you as you prepare lists of sources in the future.