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When you read, look for the main idea. Sometimes it will be in italics or bold print. It may come in the form of a heading. You might also recognize it simply by the author's use of repeated words or phrases.

The following paragraph is from a biology textbook called _Biosphere_ by Wallace, King and Sanders. It was reprinted in _From Course to Course_ by Lambert and Peterson.

Read the paragraph carefully and then write a summary statement. Try to do this within five minutes.

Interferon was once expected to be of great use in the
control of cancer, and although it is obviously no miracle cure, it may have some useful properties. For example, it reduced tumor size in a number of patients who did not respond to other treatment. In one case, two of three separate cancers discovered in one man completely disappeared after treatment with interferon.

Share your summary statement with another student. Discuss differences and similarities. Rewrite the statement with your partner to form one strong summary.