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Organizing in Time Order
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Organizing in Time and Emphatic order

Reorder the following sentences to form a coherent paragraph.  Begin with the sentence you believe is the topic sentence and copy/paste the others in Time Order.

If you are in ENG101 or ENG102,
this exercise COULD BE worth extra credit.
See me if you are interested.

The table is right near the garbage pail.
So you reluctantly select a gluelike tuna-fish sandwich, a crushed apple pie, and watery, lukewarm coffee. 
You sit at the edge of the table, away from the garbage pail, and gulp down your meal. 
Trying to eat in the cafeteria is an unpleasant experience. 
Suddenly you spot a free table in the center.
With a last swallow of the lukewarm coffee, you get up and leave the cafeteria as rapidly as possible. 
Flies are flitting into and out of the pail. 
By the time it is your turn, the few things that are almost good are gone. 
There does not seem to be a free table anywhere. 
Unfortunately, there is a line in the cafeteria. 
The hoagies, coconut-custard pie, and iced tea have all disappeared. 
You hold your tray and look for a place to sit down. 
You have a class in a few minutes, and so you run in to grab something to eat quickly. 

Copy and paste this paragraph into Word for easy revision.  After the paragraph is in the correct order, print it and read it again to be sure it is in Time Order.