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REMEMBER: A good thesis statement includes the subject of the essay and the writer's points of view. A good thesis statement does not make an announcement nor state an undisputed fact. Neither does it make a broad statement (it does not deal in generalities).

DIRECTIONS: Consider each of the following thesis statements. (All but three need revision.) Create a thesis statement that more clearly and specifically states a topic and point of view. You may revise the statements in any way you deem fit; you may add, delete or change the informaiton in order to achieve that purpose (just adding a map is not always the best option for a change).

1. Harry is a jerk.

2. Students go to college for three reasons.

3. I can tell you what's wrong with TV commercials.

4. Most peole who die in fires could have been saved if they had been prepared.

5. Teenagers think they know everthing.

6. I can name three inventions that revolutionized the world.

7. You can tell the difference between truly educated people and those who are not.

8. On a Saturday morning in spring, my neighborhood is a hub-bub of activity.

9. This paper will tell you that baseball and football are enjoyed by different kinds of people.

10. One of the most remarkable discoveries in medical science is the relationship between the mind and the body.

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The picture above is a link to the Purdue Univeristy web site with more information and insight about the Thesis statement.  The link below is to the "Do's and Don'ts" exercise (and handout), which is helpful in identifying problems with Thesis statements.

Dos and Don'ts