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Organizing in Time Order
Organizing in Emphatic Order
Organizing in Time and Emphatic order

Reorder the following sentences to form a coherent paragraph.  Begin with the sentence you believe is the topic sentence and the cut/paste the others in Emphatic order (order of importance with the most important element coming last).

If you are in ENG101 or ENG102,
this exercise COULD BE worth extra credit.
See me if you are interested.

The people here are all around my age and seem to be genuinely friendly and interested in me. 
The place where I live has several advantages. 
The schools in this neighborhood have a good reputation, so I feel that my daughter is getting a good education. 
The best thing of all about this area, though, is the school system. 
Therefore, I dont have to put up with public transportation or worry about how much its going to cost to park each day. 
The school also has an extended day-care program, so I know my daughter is in good hands until I come home from work. 
First of all, I like the people who live in the other apartments near mine. 
Another positive aspect of this area is that its close to where I work. 
That's more than I can say for the last place I lived, where people stayed behind locked doors. 
The office where Im a receptionist is only a six-block walk from my house.  
In addition, I save a lot of wear and tear on my car. 

Copy and paste this paragraph into Word for easy revision.  After the paragraph is in the correct order, print it and read it again to be sure it is in Emphatic Order (order of importance with the most important last).