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The Prospectus is your plan for your research. It contains three parts:

1. A STATEMENT OF YOUR RESARCH QUESTION. Your topic may be tentative at this point, so you needn't feel locked into it. In upcoming days, you may decide to alter your question or shift its focus as you conduct further research and learn more about the subject.

2. AN EXPLANATION OF YOUR FIELD--What are the occupations in this field? What about the field interests you? Why? What are the educational expectations? What are your plans in this study?

3. A STATEMENT OF YOUR PROGRESS SO FAR. You can summarize why you chose your topic, what you already know about it, and what you hope to discover. You can also discuss any problems or successes you have had with focusing your topic.

The Prospectus is NOT an essay!

Follow the numbered sections from the list above and answer the questions. Be sure your research question IS a question (question mark and everything) that your research will answer.

The Prospectus requires a minimum of two sources. It may be written in first person (use the word "I") if you prefer, but it should be a "polished" piece of writing. It should be typed, double spaced, use correct format and be free of error.